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Remittance / Letter Cheques

In-house production of Cheques


It is essential with the capability to produce cheques in an office environment that every precaution possible is taken to prevent improper use of the system resulting in fraud.

With the MPS (MICRCheque Printing System) this is achieved by three main security features:

1. QuickCheque High Security Software 

2. TROY High Security APACS approved MICR printers

3. Security Paper Stock

These elements combine with our Security Font Module (SFM) to provide the maximum security possible.


Some direct tangible benefits of MPS are:

                    -    secure cheque issuing system
                    -    audit trail of all cheque printed
                    -    security log of all keyboard activity
                    -    custom integration of print file
                    -    no interference with host financial software
                    -    no expensive in-house system resources needed
                    -    the quality and flexibility of Laser Printing

  -    only blank cheque stock needed
                    -    Turnkey plug-and-run solution

Eliminated are all the tedious costly and potentially insecure steps normally associated with impact printing with pre-printed cheque stock. Such as the storage of paper, wastage and time taken for job setup, decollating and paper handling.

MPS  genuinely opens up a new concept for in-house cheque printing, providing you with a complete high quality complete cheque document in a secure and controlled one pass process.

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