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 Instant Cheque

Many smaller companies and users who issue a small number of cheques want to dispense with the tedious business of in-filling the cheques by hand but do not need the facilities and cost of a sophisticated high security electronics payment system.

Also many users who have tried to eradicate manual cheque issuing by converting to a total automatic - say BACS system -  have still found that they need a manual cheques capability 

"INSTANT CHEQUE"  is a simple PC based system where the cheque details are entered on the screen, along with remittance information if required. The cheques are then printed on pre-printed cheque stock on an approved laser printer.

The system will cater for multiple formats, as many different cheque styles as you like, $ Euro etc. and receipt printing.

The system has multi- level security, comprehensive audit recording and the facility to generate files for reconciliation with the users financial accounting system.


How does it work?

Instead of writing a cheque from your cheque book you key the information and print the cheque using a laser printer.

Does it have to be a special laser printer?

Yes, if you want to print the MICR code line ( the string of characters at the bottom of your cheque) this is printed with special magnetic toner using a special printer. In the UK this printer has to be APACs approved. It may be different in other countries.

What if I do not want to print the code line?

For just in-filling payee name and amount, not printing the MICR line, you do not need a APACs approved laser printer, the printer should be PIRA approved laser only.

What about Cheque Stock?

You will need special cheque stock with all the security features as you have with a cheque book. Where you are only "in-filling" the stock will have the MICR code line pre-printed

Where do I get the appropriate printers and cheque stock?

From MICRCheque Ltd.

What if I am outside the UK?

"Instant Cheque"  is designed to handle any currency type and can print cheque outlines in any format. It is your responsibility to conform to your national standards when printing your own cheques - we can usually advise you about this.

Can I print cheques along with remittance information?

Yes, the cheque would normally at the bottom of an A4 size sheet perforated for easy tear off. The space above is for the remittance details if required, such as itemised invoice numbers, amounts, dates, vat and so on.

Can I print a mailing address on the cheque sheet?

Yes, the payee name can be linked to an address which is printed so that the cheque can be folded and directly inserted into a window envelope for mailing.

Can information be imported from another printing system?


What about security?

Security is is vital and is fundamental to "Instant Cheque's" design. All entries are recorded and permanently stored. Multiple users can be set up by an Administrator who can determine individual actions allowed. This Administrator can create accounts, allocate financial limits to these accounts, determine which users can access which accounts and set individual account limits. There are extensive Audit Trail facilities including notifying the Administrator (by email) where there has been an operator induced violation.

Can I have any number of accounts?


Can I have accounts with different currency?

Yes, as many accounts, with as many different currencies as you like.

Can the cheques be signed by the system?

Yes. You may specify up to 2 signatures per account, which may be different for each account, and you can allocate limits against each signature - you may want high values hand signed.

Is there the facility for an operator to enter cheque information then a different person to authorise the printing?

Yes, following authorisation the operator could then print the cheques or a different operator can be authorised to do so - this is all under the Administrators control.

Can I input cheques continually then print then print, say at end of day, in one batch?


What happens if the printer jams?

If part printed destroy cheque and reprint.

Can I cancel cheques?


Isn't there a security risk involved with reprinting and cancelling cheques?

No, "Instant Cheques" stores all the details in its Audit Trail and every cheque that is cancelled or reprinted is recorded with date, time, and operator identified. This information cannot be deleted.

Can I export any of this information from 'Instant Cheques'

Yes, there is an "export" button for all reports to be sent to spreadsheets etc,. for further analysis as required.

Can I use "Instant Cheques" for analysis of codes?

Yes, "Instant Cheques" has facility to be used as a "cash book" if required. There is a non-cheque entry feature which allows you to specify non-outgoing entries so that your cash book can be easily balanced.

What printers do I use?

Where printing the MICR code-line we recommend the TROY 3005 APACS approved MICR Printer.

Can I try Instant Cheques to see if it does what you say?

Yes, download Instant Cheques Demo Software and the User Demo Instructions. These together provide the facility for you to install a fully featured version of Instant Cheques. This "Demo" version allows limited uses and the printed output are "Demo" cheques. When you decide to purchase we send you a "live" version.

                                 Instant Cheques Demo Software


                                                          TROY 3005

                      Where in-filling only (the MICR line being pre-printed) we recommend the PIRA approved Brother HL-5240 Printer.

                                                        BROTHER HL-5240

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