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Address portion of the cheque sheet

Remittance portion of the cheque sheet

Cheque portion of the cheque sheet

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Instant Cheques Demo Software

You can try Instant Cheques out 10 times to see if it will work for you. This is a fully featured version but the cheques that are printed will have 'DEMO COPY' printed all over them.

 Download Demo Software 8.39mb

What do I need to do to use the demo version?

First you will need to login to Instant Cheques. The userid to login is 'Admin' and the password is 'admin'. You will probably be forced to change the password as you login. After you have logged in you will be shown the screen with main menu. From this screen select 'Cheque entry' and after you have selected the Demonstration account you will see the screen below.


This is the data entry screen for you to enter cheque information. The way this screen has been set up allows you to enter all the information for the address part of the sheet, the remittance part and the cheque part.

After accepting the date that has been entered we need to enter the cheque amount. Simply enter a value for your cheque. Next we will enter a name and address of the payee. Move to the 'Payee name' field and enter your name. Then in address lines 1, 2, 3 and Postcode enter the relevant details. If you frequently pay this payee you can enter a code and put them into a lookup table.

Next we will enter the remittance information. Whatever we enter in the remittance table has to equal the amount of the cheque. There is no way you can leave this screen until the values balance. To add a remittance line click the 'Add line' button. Then you can enter details like 'Your ref', 'Details' and 'Amount'. You can enter up to 10 lines if you need to.

Once you have completed the form it should look something like the image above, if so you can click on save and exit. This account has been set up so that the cheques will need to be authorised before printing but as there is only 1 user on the demo system the same user will authorise and print although this will be in 2 different functions. To do this simply click on the 'Authorise & Print cheques' button. The cheque you have set up will now show in the right-hand window so just click the 'Authorise all' button and the cheque will get authorised. Then to print the cheque all you need to do is to click the 'Authorise & Print' button again and click the 'Print all' button. You will be asked for a cheque number which can be any number you want but in normal circumstances this must be the number of the next cheque that you are going to print. It's a bit like using the next cheque in your cheque book, you need to know what the number should be.

Your printer should now print out an A4 cheque which looks similar to the one shown in the image shots on the left-hand side of this webpage.

My output doesn't look quite like the one shown in the screenshot - why?

The demo version has been set up to use an MICR printer so it is likely that the codeline will not print correctly. It also prints some characters using an OCR-B font which is used in the U.K. for some fields. Unless you specifically have the right fonts these may not print out correctly. It is not necessary to print all the information that we have printed on the sample, a lot of the data can be pre-printed on the base stock avoiding the need to buy fonts, we can advise you on this.


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