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Association for Payments And Clearing Services

APACS put in place an accreditation scheme and commissioned PIRA International (Pira) to carry out tests of non-impact (Laser Printers).

As a result of these tests only printers with APACS approval for MICR codeline printing should be used for this purpose.

Where the MICR codeline is pre-printed the full APACS approved printers are not necessary and just PIRA approval is sufficient.

Note: There has been no equivalent testing of impact printers.

APACS approved Laser Printers for MICR line printing

MICRCheque supplies the following APACS approved Laser Printers

                                                           TROY 4250

                                                 TROY 4350    

                                                 TROY 3005

PIRA approved printers for in-filling of cheques.
       BROTHER HL-5240

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